Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000U Series Switches

Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000U Series Switches
Product Details

The Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) 2000U Switches are compact switches for the harsh, rugged environments often found in the energy and utility industries. IE 2000U switches support the communications needs of the utility- and customer-owned energy-delivery infrastructure across distributed generation, transmission, and distribution sectors. This infrastructure includes substation applications supporting electrical transmission and distribution, renewable generation, oil and gas, water, distributed generation, cogeneration, and trackside operations.

IE-2000U-4TS-GIE 2000U 4×10/100, 2 SFP GE ports$1,495.00
IE-2000U-4T-GIE 2000U 4×10/100, 2×10/100/1000 ports$1,495.00
IE-2000U-4S-GIE 2000U 4 SFP FE, 2 SFP GE ports$1,495.00
IE-2000U-8TC-GIE 2000U 8×10/100, 2 T/SFP GE ports with 1588$2,195.00
IE-2000U-16TC-GIE 2000U 16×10/100, 2 FE SFP,2 T/SFP GE ports with 1588$3,195.00
IE-2000U-16TC-G-XIE 2000U 16×10/100, 2 FE SFP,2 T/SFP GE ports with 1588, C$3,595.00
IE-2000U-16TC-GPIE 2000U 16×10/100, 2 T/SFP GE ports with 1588, PoE$4,095.00

Hardware● 256 MB DRAM with ECC memory
● 1 GB removable SD flash memory card (CG swap drive)–(128MB space available)
● Mini-USB connector
Alarm● Alarm I/O: two alarm inputs to detect dry contact open or closed, one alarm output relay. 48 VDC, 0.5A max
Power Supply● Redundant DC input voltage with operating range: 12-48 VDC Nominal, 9.6-60 VDC Maximum
● Maximum DC input current: 0.5A at 48 VDC, 1A at 24 VDC
Power Consumption● 6-port models: 9.5-15 W
● 10-port models: 11-16 W
● 20-port models: 13-20 W
Dimensions (H×W×D), Including DIN Rail● IE-2000U 6 ports (copper downlinks) chassis: 5.1×2.95×4.51 in (130×74.9×115 mm)
● IE-2000U 6 ports (SFP downlinks) chassis: 5.1×3.15×4.51 in (130×80×115 mm)
● IE-2000U 10 ports: 5.1×3.6×5.26 in (130×91.4×134 mm)
● IE-2000U 20 ports: 5.1×5.0×5.26 in (130×127×134 mm)
Weight● IE-2000U 6 ports (copper downlinks) chassis: 2.45 lbs (1.11 kg)
● IE-2000U 6 ports (SFP downlinks) chassis: 2.69 lbs (1.22 kg)
● IE-2000U 10 ports long chassis: 3.45 lbs (1.56 kg)
● IE-2000U 20 ports chassis: 4.35 lbs (1.97 kg)
Per port per VLAN ingress policingResilient Ethernet Protocol
SCADA protocol classification using ACLsFlexLink
Per GOOSE VLAN classification/statisticsLink-state tracking
Configurable egress queue bandwidthUDLD
Configurable egress buffers/thresholdsxSTP: 802.1s/802.1w
Strict priority queuing with optional policerEtherChannel/LACP/Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP)
Web- and MAC-based authenticationExternal alarm contacts
Port security plus Cisco enhancementsModbus memory map support
DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, IP source guardFEFI
Spanning Tree Protocol security mechanismsCisco Configuration Professional
Storm controlUtility-specific Smartport macros
Wire-speed L2-L4 ACLsDHCP autoconfig/image upgrade
Private VLANConfig rollback/replace
Secure connectivity: SSH/SSL/SCPSPAN/RSPAN
SNMPv3 cryptoGOLD
Configuration file securityOBFL
UNI/ENI and NNI port types (configurable on all ports)Time Domain Reflectometry (copper ports)
Configurable per VLAN MAC learningDigital Optical Monitoring (DOM), optical ports
MAC address learning and aging notificationsEthernet OAM
Configurable control plane securityConnectivity Fault Management (CFM)
IEEE 802.1x and identity-based network servicesIEEE 802.1ag Ethernet in the first mile (EFM)
IEEE 802.1AR for hardware-based securityIEEE 802.3ah Ethernet LMI (PE) -MEF
Ethernet LMI (CE): MEFCFM to E-LMI Interworking
CFM to EFM Interworking802.1ag plus IPSLA (Ethernet SLAs)
Parallel Redundancy Protocol(PRP)PoE and PoE+
IP Services
Static routing, Inter-VLAN routingHSRP
Multi-VRF CE (VRF-lite)Multicast routing: PIM (SM, DM)
Policy-based routingSource Specific Multicast
RIP Versions 1 and 2Source Specific Multicast mapping
EIGRP, OSPF, and IS-ISBidirectional Forwarding Detection
BGPv4Multicast support for VRF (mVRF-Lite)
IPv6 routingVRF-aware services (ARP, ping, SNMP, HSRP, uRPF syslog, traceroute, FTP, and TFTP)

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