Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series Switches

Product Details

"The Cisco Catalyst 6800-X Series Switch (Figure 1) is a 2RU fixed backbone switch in the Cisco Catalyst 6800 family. The 6840-X is based on the Cisco Catalyst 6800, with more than 3000 features and maturity of software code. The Cisco Catalyst 6840-X is the smallest Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) aggregator or Instant Access controller in the Cisco 6800 Catalyst Family. The 6840-X offers the following four SKUs:

● 16 and 32 ports of 10G SFP/SFP+
● 24 and 40 ports of 10G SFP/SFP+ with 2 Native uplink ports of 40G QSFP"

C1-C6880-X-LECisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)$34,000.00
C1-C6832-X-LECisco ONE Catalyst 6832-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)$46,000.00
C1-C6824-X-LE-40GCisco ONE Catalyst 6824-X-Chassis and 2x40G Standard Tables$46,000.00
C1-C6840-X-LE-40GCisco ONE Catalyst 6840-X-Chassis and 2x40G Standard Tables$55,000.00
C1-C6807XL-S2T-BUNChassis+Fan Tray+ Sup2T+2xPower Supply; IP Services ONLY$38,000.00
C6880-X-LECisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)$34,000.00
C6880-XCisco Catalyst 6880-X-Chassis (XL Tables)$46,000.00
C6816-X-LECisco Catalyst 6816-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)$26,000.00
C6832-X-LECisco Catalyst 6832-X-Chassis (Standard Tables)$46,000.00
C6824-X-LE-40GCisco Catalyst 6824-X-Chassis and 2×40G (Standard Tables)$46,000.00
C6840-X-LE-40GCisco Catalyst 6840-X-Chassis and 2×40G (Standard Tables)$55,000.00
C6807-XLCatalyst 6807-XL 7-slot chassis, 10RU (spare)$15,000.00
C6807-XL=Catalyst 6807-XL 7-slot chassis, 10RU (spare)$15,000.00
C6800IA-48TDCatalyst 6800 Instant Access Data Switch$7,000.00
C6800IA-48FPDCatalyst 6800 Instant Access POE+ Switch$9,000.00
C6800IA-48FPDRC6800IA Instant Access POE+ Switch with Redundant Power Supy$10,500.00

PerformanceThe chassis is capable of up to 440 Gbps per slot
The performance of the individual modules is available in the module data sheets.
Power Supply CompatibilityAC: 3000W (up to 4 power supplies)
High interface capacityScales to high-density Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Capable of supporting 40 Gigabit Ethernet.
Standby fabric hot syncDecreases the supervisor engine switchover time of Supervisor Engine 2T based systems to between 50 and 200 ms, depending on the modules being used.
FeaturesFull-feature L2/L3 with MPLS, VPLS, IPv4/IPv6 capabilities
Input Voltage100 to 240 VAC
-48 to -72 VDC
MAC Entries128K
Bridge Domains16K
Onboard Memory4GB
Physical Dimensions (H×W×D)
Rack units (RU)2RU

The Cisco® Catalyst® 6800 Supervisor Engine 6T (Figure 1) is the newest addition to the family of supervisor engines. The Supervisor Engine 6T is designed to deliver higher performance, better scalability, and enhanced hardware-enabled features. Supervisor Engine 6T integrates a 6-Terabit crossbar switch fabric that enables high performance on the Cisco Catalyst 6807-XL Chassis in active-standby mode. The forwarding engine on Supervisor Engine 6T is capable of delivering high-performance forwarding for Layer 2 and Layer 3 services. The rich feature set of Supervisor Engine 6T supports existing applications such as traditional IP forwarding, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs, VPLS, MACSEC while supporting new features such as Instant Access, SGT, Hardware-Enabled BFD Offload and In-band Span. The Cisco Catalyst 6800 Supervisor Engine 6T and all the features and the technical advancements establish product leadership in next-generation enterprise campus deployments.

C6800-SUP6TCatalyst 6800 Sup6T (440G/slot) with 8x10GE, 2x40GE$34,000.00
C6800-SUP6T-XLCatalyst 6800 Sup6T (440G/slot) with 8x10GE, 2x40GE (XL)$44,000.00
VS-S2T-10GCat 6500 Sup 2T with 2×10GbE and 3×1GbE with MSFC5 PFC4$28,000.00
VS-S2T-10G-XLCat 6500 Sup 2T with 2x10GbE and 3×1GbE with MSFC5 PFC4XL$38,000.00

MAC entries128K128K
Routes256K (IPv4)Up to 1024K (IPv4)
128K (IPv6)Up to 512K (IPv6)
ACL entries64K shared for QoS and security256K shared for QoS and security
NetFlow entries512K per PFC4/4XL1024K per PFC4/4XL
Multicast routesUp to 128K (IPv4)Up to 128K (IPv4)
Up to 128K (IPv6)Up to 128K (IPv6)
IPv4 routingIn hardwareIn hardware
Up to 780 Mpps*Up to 780 Mpps*
IPv6 routingIn hardwareIn hardware
Up to 390 Mpps*Up to 390 Mpps*
Layer 2 bridgingIn hardwareIn hardware
Up to 780 MppsUp to 780 Mpps
Jumbo frame supportUp to 9216 bytesUp to 9216 bytes
(for bridged and routed packets)(for bridged and routed packets)
Chassis compatibility● 6500 E-Series*: Cisco Catalyst 6503-E, 6504-E, 6506-E, 6509-E, 6509-V-E, 6513-E
● 6800 Series: Cisco Catalyst 6807-XL
Switch fabric● 6-Tbps crossbar switch fabric with 28 fabric channels
Software compatibility● Cisco IOS® Software Release 15.3(1)SY and future releases
Software packages● IP Services
● Advanced Enterprise
Mgmt0● RJ45/SFP replaces the connectivity management processor (CMP)
DRAM● 4-GB DDR3 for Standard and XL
Physical specifications● (H×W×D): 1.73×14.4×16 in (4.4×36.6×40.6 cm)
● Weight: 11.64 lbs, 11.73 lbs (XL)

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