Cisco Catalyst 2960 Plus Series Switches

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Plus Series Switches
Product Details

Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus switches feature:
• 24 or 48 Fast Ethernet ports
• Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) and 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet uplinks
• IEEE 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• LAN Base or LAN Lite Cisco IOS® Software feature set
• SmartOperations tools that simplify deployment and reduce the cost of network administration
• Cisco EnergyWise technology to manage energy consumed by connected devices
• An enhanced limited lifetime hardware warranty (E-LLW), providing next-business-day replacement

Applications and Benefits
The Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus Series provides cost-effective, enterprise class Ethernet switching for:
• Branch offices, remote sites, and retail locations
• Conventional desktop workspaces
• Building infrastructure, physical security, and other nontraditional access applications

Benefits of the 2960-Plus include:
• Robust quality of service (QoS) that prioritizes voice and critical business applications
• Flexible security features that can limit access to the network and mitigate threats
• Tools that reduce total cost of ownership through simplified operations and automation

WS-C2960+48PST-SCatalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 PoE + 2 1000BT +2 SFP LAN Lite$3,095.00
WS-C2960+48PST-LCatalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 PoE + 2 1000BT +2 SFP LAN Base$4,295.00
WS-C2960+24PC-SCatalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 PoE + 2 T/SFP LAN Lite$1,795.00
WS-C2960+24PC-LCatalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 PoE + 2 T/SFP LAN Base$2,495.00
WS-C2960+24LC-SCatalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 (8 PoE) + 2 T/SFP LAN Lite$1,095.00
WS-C2960+24LC-LCatalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 (8 PoE) + 2 T/SFP LAN Base$1,495.00
WS-C2960+24TC-SCatalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 + 2 T/SFP LAN Lite$725.00
WS-C2960+24TC-LCatalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 + 2T/SFP LAN Base$1,295.00
WS-C2960+48TC-SCatalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 + 2 T/SFP LAN Lite$1,245.00
WS-C2960+48TC-LCatalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 + 2 T/SFP LAN Base$2,495.00

Model10/100 Ethernet InterfacesUplink InterfacesCisco IOS Software Feature SetAvailable PoE Power
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48PST-L482 SFP and 2 1000BASE-TLAN Base370W
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24PC-L242 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Base370W
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24LC-L242 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Base123W
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48TC-L482 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Base-
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24TC-L242 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Base-
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48PST-S482 SFP and 2 1000BASE-TLAN Lite370W
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24PC-S242 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Lite370W
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24LC-S242 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Lite123W
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48TC-S482 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Lite-
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24TC-S242 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)LAN Lite-

Dimensions (H×W×D)
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48PST-L5.44.4×45.0×33.2
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24PC-L5.4
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24LC-L4.5
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48TC-L3.64.4×45.0×24.2
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24TC-L3.6
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48PST-S5.44.4×45.0×33.2
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24PC-S5.4
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24LC-S4.5
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 48TC-S3.64.4×45.0×24.2
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24TC-S3.6

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